A confident hallmark for the sophisticated writing desk Archè which is defined by the solid wood structure with slanted cut and smoothed edges. Extremely cared in all details, Archè features a top in precious hide leather with stitching tone-on-tone, contemporary reinterpretation of the “desk pad” of the traditional writing desks. The upper shelf is also covered in hide leather with integrated storage trays, another refined example of the tailoring attitude of Frigerio. The proposal is enriched with a suspended element underneath the wooden top with a drawer and an open space.

technical information

Structure: in solid wood Canaletto walnut, ashwood Sand colour, ashwood Wengé colour or ashwood Greige colour.
Inserts on tops of writing desk: (same colour for both tops) in hide-leather art. Cuoio with stitches tone-on-tone.
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