Discover the new website dedicated to the Davis sofa, a system of sectional sofas which allows you to create your made-to-measure sofa, combining different kind of armrests (either padded or operational) and choosing between five different models of feet and three seat comforts. This highly versatile patented pending seating programme allows the development of linear or more articulated compositions with configurations more or less formal to meet the needs of the modern living.

The new creative path represented by the vigor and enterprise of Frigerio through the presentation of the new 2021 Collection is further concretized by the launch of the HOME EDITION catalogues. This set is in two volumes, the HOME EDITION 01 is dedicated to the sofas’ collection, core business of the brand, and the HOME EDITION 02 narrates the flexibility and the wide range of Frigerio through an edition dedicated to armchairs, chairs, table and small tables, without forgetting the night area, for a full and complete lifestyle totally integrated. The “fil rouge” is an invitation to light and lightness, giving the right importance to every detail.
2021 Collection

This year Frigerio unveils a new design identity enriching the collection with new proposals, the result of new collaborations, those with Christophe Pillet and Federica Biasi, who join names already close to the Frigerio world, such as Umberto Asnago, who has already signed several projects and Gianfranco Frigerio, artistic director of the company, who has designed most of the current collection.

The perfect synergy between innovation and tradition represents the vital energy of the brand which stands out for the direct control of the production, which allows the management of custom projects satisfying both aesthetical and technical needs for every contract space.

“Each individual has his own unique color, which shines faintly around the contours of their body. A kind of halo. Like the shapes you could see in the backlight.”
Haruki Murakami

Company Profile

The history of Frigerio is an Italian tale, where passion, perseverance and enthusiasm have always been the peculiar hallmarks. The Frigerio Family’s passion together with a strong bond to the territory are, even today, the fundamental principles of an industry in continuous development.

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