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Siena is a pigmented leather with natural grain. It has an extremely soft and sagging touch, suitable for all types of upholstery. Produced on European raw hides of generous sizes, it has an average surface of 5 sqm, the thickness is 1.2-1.4 mm.

Leather colour might change from one lot to the other, therefore the Company does not take any responsibility for eventual differences being a natural material.

Maintenance: dust to be removed with a soft, dry cloth. For more adherent dirt rub gently with a cloth moistened with water and neutral soap and then rinse with water only, then dry with a dry cloth. Use only products specific for leather, do not use aggressive products such as alcohol, acetone, ammonia or cleaning products whose composition is unknown. Inadequate products create serious and irreparable damage to the finish. In the case of liquids spilled inadvertently on the skin without being immediately dabbed into it will make any kind of intervention useless. Keep the product away from heat sources and direct or indirect sunlight.

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