The Frigerio selection of marbles

Frigerio offers a wide range of marbles in term of textures and colours to provide a wide range of shade to be used both in a contemporary or more classical environment. Marble comes from the ancient Greek word “marmoros”, which means “shiny stone” and it is in fact a metamorphic stone which can reflect the light in different ways, thus making it a unique material. The colours are then the result of different natural materials, such as sand, iron or clay, that have been incapsulated inside and which have crystallized at different stage and moments thus providing all those beautiful natural grains. Marble has been used in history for the realization of huge and timeless architectural work, which till today we can admire, from the Colosseo to the internal of the Grand Central Terminal of NYC and thanks to its performance and durability marble has been also used inside the house for more trivial yet important uses: wall panelling, flooring or table tops. Its beauty and versatility make it one of the most precious material to be used in residential setting to enrich more or less formal areas and Frigerio made a selection of colours an grain which can be used from a contemporary living yet classical for timeless design.

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