Discover more on the location for the Frigerio photo shooting: Cartiere Burgo by Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer born in 1907 in Brazil where he graduated in architecture. The meeting which would mark his career was with Le Corbusier, with whom he collaborated for a project for the Ministry of Education and Health in Rio. Niemeyer’s artistic career is a journey through encounters with personalities, which signed his vision, leading him to an architectural modernism of unprecedented forms and arrangements. He worked ceaselessly creating some of the most important constructions in the newborn capital Brasilia, then moved to France in 1964 and finally landed in Italy.
In this unique journey in which form, structure, architecture and engineering come together in an exceptional result, in Italy he worked on two projects: the Fata Engineering factory in Pianezza (1976) and the offices of Cartiera Burgo in San Mauro Torinese (1981), the latter of which became the location selected by Frigerio for the photo shoot of the 2022 Collection.
The location was chosen for a story in unconventional and evocative contexts in harmony with the soul of Frigerio. An innovative style with futuristic aesthetics for the structure arranged on an annular plan with a central drum connected by four radial paths to a circular exterior that embraces it in its entirety. An environment with bright and spacious spaces that enhanced Frigerio's design for a setting where the furniture was represented against an abstract background for an exercise in imagination between the real and the illusory, between space and time.

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