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A large soft armrest is the undisputed cornerstone of the  Twin version of the Davis sofa, a project truly designed to ensure maximum freedom of arrangement, starting from the opportunity of selecting the most suitable size in relation to the space to be decorated, right down to the choice of armrests, feet and furnishing accessories.
The goal is to allow every user to dress up their spaces according to their own personal tastes, satisfying a variety of requirements ranging from the aesthetic and architectural to the more practical and functional.
Noteworthy here is the unique armrest stitching that confers distinct personality and sophistication.    


Sofas, armchairs, midsize sofas and accessories by Frigerio Salotti are available in a wide range of plain or printed fabrics, hides and leathers. Our vast selection of finishes means there is something for everyone, thus ensuring the best solution is available to cater to personal tastes, as well as the requirements of the interiors and the furnishings.Here you can download a fact sheet explaining the different option available