The designer Laviani and his View for Frigerio

Ferruccio Laviani collaborates for the first time with Frigerio by proposing a modular floor-standing sofa, a perfect synthesis of the designer’s creative flair and the company’s decades of know-how in the upholstered furniture branch. View represents the encounter between aesthetics and functionality, an ambitious project that draws its distinctive strength from its complexity. An emblem of Frigerio tailoring’s ability, View is composed by different modules that can be combined with ease: the base of the sofa, either suspended base in wood or glossy lacquered finish, or padded on floor, dialogues with the important number of elements , some of which with a classic spirit, others with a more original design, which in turn combine with backrests of different shapes and sizes and armrests which are also highly customizable: padded volumes, integrated bookcase elements, side and front small tables. In addition to the traditional compositions, this sofa offers numerous unexpected combinations. The large and diversified number of elements – central, terminal, corner, dormeuse as well as trapezoid-shaped modules – structure and extremely flexible system from the planning point of view: from the simple modular sofa, with or without armrests, to more complex compositions with more articulated geometries, corner shaped, capable of interrupting the typical linearity of upholstered furniture with strongly contemporary cuts. The base, in the wooden version, in ashwood or glossy lacquered finishes in the colours of the Frigerio range, is also available with elegant marble inserts or with the addition of soft padded volumes or bookcase. The suspended wooden platform, for example in the hexagonal shape, is conceived as a free element on which inviting cushions could rest, with or without a backrest, ideal for furnishing large living spaces, lounge areas in lounger bar and hotels or waiting areas. As a clever riddle, View reveals its character from detail to detail, a true geometric game capable of taking on different identities, from the most conventional to the most extrovert, without distorting itself, making continuous change the essence of its furnishing.

Question: What was the inspiration behind the View sofa?
Laviani: I just thought of a sofa I wanted for my home, versatile and contemporary, where the wood of the bases, natural or lacquered, was the element that made the difference.

Question: Describe View in three adjectives
Laviani: Contemporary, personal and confortable

Question: What does designing for Frigerio represent for you?
Laviani: The possibility to express my way of designing and understanding the environment we live in

Question: A piece of furniture that you have not yet designed but would like to?
Laviani: Anything I have never designed before is welcome.

Question: How do you combine the need to express your creativity with the demands of the market?
Laviani: For me it is a completely natural process since I have been working with companies from the beginning. If you do industrial design, market demands, as well as my creativity, are part of the equation to conceive a product.

Listen to the interview with Lavian on the sofa View