The important international legal studio Hinshaw Culberstone has chosen the Frigerio Quality and the refined elegance of the armchairs Jackie for their headquarters in Chicago. Prestigious offices designed by the famous architectural studio Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) that wants to strengthen the strong link of Hinshaw with Chicago, where it was established and where they have their main office in the last 84 years. A spatial open organization which reflects the leadership foresight and the knowledge of the studio, helps a better efficiency and flexibility to welcome future developments by removing the offices hierarchy between the lawyers of the studio and by assuring, at the same time, a proximity between partners, associates and administrative staff. The wide shared spaces of the office’s areas features big windows facing the American metropolis skyline allowing a direct natural light access and they are furnished by the refined armchairs Jackie covered in leather. Frigerio confirms, once again, to be the right attentive partner in the contract world thanks to the high quality ensured by the perfect mix between the evolved industrial personality and the great traditional craftsmanship expertise.

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