Aesthetical and formal synthesis with a sophisticated appeal, the armchair Liza is defined by the balanced encounter between the wooden structure and the two-material housse, upside leather, downside fabric, with refined stitching in contrast. As a dress, the housse envelopes the upper part of the structure and covers the seat, in non-deformable polyurethane, with fixed cover either in fabric or leather. With its peculiar shape of truncated cone, the structure is available in solid wood in different finishes. Liza is also proposed in the small armchair version.

technical information

Structure: in solid wood Canaletto walnut, ashwood Sand colour, ashwood Wengé colour or ashwood Greige colour.
Seat: non-deformable polyurethane foam.
Seat cover: fix either in fabric or leather.
Housse: leather matched to fabric with embroidery in contrast.
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