Corda beige

Composition: Polipropilene taslan.

Tipology: Corda piatta con anima in nylon.

TECHNICAL CHARATERISTICS: Leggero, resistente, sintetico, atossico e durevole.

Vetro Texture Bronzo

Composition: Solidificazione di un liquido contente silice sotto forma di sabbia e soda in forma di carbonato o solfato.

Tipology: Materiale di natura amorfa ottenuto tramite la solidificazione di un liquido senza cristallizazione.

TECHNICAL CHARATERISTICS: Vetro trasparente con coloritura bronzo e rete ornamentale applicata.

Frassino color tabacco

Composition: Il legno massello viene ricavato dal “cuore” del tronco dalla parte più resistente e massiccia (durame).

Tipology: Legno massello di frassino color tabacco.

TECHNICAL CHARATERISTICS: Materiale resistente e durevole.


Composition: 47% PC – 22% PL – 11% VI – 20% CO

Martindale: 40.000

Pilling: 4 / 5



ANILINA - 4315 - B - PLUS

AVERAGE LIGHT FASTNESS: ≥ 3 scala dei blu

HIDE TYPE: Bovino Europeo

TANNING: Minerale

EFFECT/SURFACE: Anilina pieno fiore

THICKNESS: 1,1 - 1,3 mm

AVERAGE SIZE: ≥ 5,00 mq

FRICTION: secco ≥ 100 cicli – umido ≥ 25 cicli

Color Titanio

Composition: metallo trattato attraverso una procedura di anodizzazione.

Tipology: Metallo anodizzato.

TECHNICAL CHARATERISTICS: Indurimento superficiale del materiale con effetto estetico incremato.


The roots of history, the evergreen, the charm of precious objects, the feeling of untarnished craftsmanship. A warm colour, enveloping and versatile, which is able to provide thousands of shades: the tonalities of brown fit different styles and environments. Ideal for who is looking for calmness and warmth inside the house, it is a colour which transmits serenity and recalls the solidness of wood. Being the colour of the earth, it is immediately associated to the nature, for it transmits stability, calmness and protection. Brown and its shades are peculiar colours especially used for relax areas, adapted to every environment and could be mixed and match in a harmonious way of different colours. Nevertheless these earthly colours match perfectly the shades of yellow, a colour which lights up: few clever elements in an environment are enough to create a sunny and energetic effect. From the more vibrant shades to the more neutral ones, which remind more to the colour of the sand. 

TERRA MATER | 12 - setting HORIZON

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