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A classic model that never goes out of fashion, with time it is bound to become "one of us" to the point of taking on the very own features of each household with its own style and philosophy of life. One of the strong points of this sofa is in fact its ability to look even better with age ensuring that over the years it looks warm and welcoming, so as to become the epitome of coziness.
And coziness is one of the features that stand out: whether we are speaking of the classic version, the daybed or even the chaise longue, this sofa is an unabashed invitation to sit down, relax, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.


Sofas, armchairs, midsize sofas and accessories by Frigerio Salotti are available in a wide range of plain or printed fabrics, hides and leathers. Our vast selection of finishes means there is something for everyone, thus ensuring the best solution is available to cater to personal tastes, as well as the requirements of the interiors and the furnishings.Here you can download a fact sheet explaining the different option available




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