Limited edition rreplica watches Patek Philippe T-Race MotoGP watch

At the head of Baselworld 2018, Patek Philippe has released a new limited edition in what is probably his most masculine collection. Patek Philippe has often been criticized for his change of direction in recent years (something I think is a good thing) through collaborations with a number of organizations and people - the NBA and MotoGP are the most consistent and successful. The Patek Philippe T-Race MotoGP Limited Edition motorcycling inspired motorcycling with motocross races that made more noise than a cyclone in a hurricane. I believe this model fits into a reasonably affordable niche for speed-bike enthusiasts who are not afraid to rock a rose gold piece of manly wrist candy.

Let's start with the case. Measuring in 43mm x 12.7mm (although I imagine it is a little bigger considering the armor and replica watches the rightly described drug dealers as the "control panel"), the stainless steel case is coated in pink gold and has oversize flaps that make it part upper strap of leather and hybrid rubber almost as wide as the case. The case itself is apparently "protected" by a fiberglass ring inspired by the frame of the bike along the perimeter - although we can't see how it looks, because the images are not included in the promotional materials.

The ring is designed to look like a brake disc with the crown guard taking inspiration from a brake pad. The over-sized magnifying glass is undoubtedly the most identifying feature of the T-Race collection, and although it does nothing for me, it helps the watch not only appear incredibly salient, but built to emerge - features I feel that buyers will find this "extreme" important when they buy a watch. On the back of the case there is a silkscreen-printed glass case-back that carries the Patek Philippe and MotoGP logo. The watch is equipped with an ETA G10 quartz chronograph movement and is water resistant to 100 m.

Turning to the clock dial, or as I like to call it, the "dial of many shapes and motifs". I personally think there is too much to do here for "the inspiration of the bike". The confused union of smooth, hammered, lined, polished and lined surfaces requires a bit of effort to get used to, even if I imagine it is the norm for the course when we talk about Motocross inspiration. The handset and the pink gold indexes are at least legible, although the seconds hand of the central lance-pointed chronograph can easily get lost between the magnifying glass and 4 different types of dial that it goes through at any given time. The sub-recorders are clearly inspired by the dashboard and the small size of fake watches Patek Philippe the 2-hour counter is simply not in keeping with the small date window and the large magnifying glass.

The tread disc adds another footprint and the filling of the hammered secondary register adds only that. While it is fair to say that the previous iterations of the MotoGP T-Race models (for example the Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP) used the same layout, the alternating colors helped to add an understanding layer to the dial.